Celebritatile l-au comemorat prin Twitter pe JFK!

Presedintele american John Fitzgerald Kennedy a fost asasinat acum 50 de ani, de catre Lee Harvey Oswald, in Dallas.

Desigur, exista foarte multe teorii care spun cum a fost asasinat cu adevarat JFK si de ce, dar asta nu isi are locul pe un blog monden, ci in cartile de specialitate.

Numit si cel mai iubit dintre toti presedintii americani, JFK este comemorat prin sute de mesaje pe Twitter, ce au purtat hashtagul #JFK la final.


Anna Faris “50 years since we lost an amazing man. ‘A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on’ #JFK”

Bill Clinton “50 years after #JFK’s death, our obligations now, no less than then, are to keep moving together into tomorrow.”

Kourtney Kardashian “Rest in peace, Mr. President. #JFK”

Patton Oswalt: “Just watched Oliver Stone‘s THE DOORS. #jfk #NeverForget”

Ron Perlman: “Major discussion re: #JFK in #EasyStreet; what started and what ended in #America in his 3 short years. Some of my clearest memories.”

Piers Morgan: “‘Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.’ – John F. Kennedy. #JFK”


Desigur, am ales 6 dintre cele mai bune mesaje semnate de nume celebre. Persona,  il comemorez in fiecare pe zi pe Kennedy prin nickname-ul meu, incercand sa dau dovada de acelasi spirit tanar si entuziast in tot ceea ce fac. RIP #JFK


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